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ACB Forex Trading System

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Introducing: The ACB Forex Trading System

A Rock Solid Trading Setup

Our Custom Indicators will help you to pick out the accurate trading setup using inbuilt strategy rules and market conditions. This trading setup is known as "ACB Setup" 

Trade With Minimum Screen Time

Phone Alerts (Push)

Email Alerts

Pop-Up/Display Alerts

Sound Alerts

ACB Forex Trading System comes with Phone (push), Email, Display and Sound Alerts.
It can send signal alerts to your mobile phone using push notification or email (your preference).
There is no need to sit in front of your computer for long hours, Just wait for a signal alert and pull the trigger.

Predefined Money Management With Each Trade

Any Forex Trading System is incomplete without a proper knowledge of Money Management and Position Sizing.

The ACB Forex System comes with predefined Money Management, i.e. risk/reward is calculated for each trade in advance.

There is a special algorithm added inside the system which calculates the correct position(lot) size for each trade based on Stop Loss and predefined risk percentage( set by user).

ACB System Exclude Dangerous Emotions

Emotions can play a dangerous role in forex trading- excessive lot size or leverage usage, which means greater loss, but as a human, we neglect this part and focus only on greater profit.

The inbuilt money management algorithm in ACB System ensures that you only open positions based on your preset risk percentage for each trade

In trading emotions (fear, greed, sad, happy) can play a significant role and usually due to these factors traders have to suffer losses but by using ACB Forex System, which is based on one of the most famous and trusted breakout pattern (logical & tested) you will be enjoying trading in best way possible with full confidence.

Testimonials Received From Real Traders Around The World

  • It is very easy to trade using ACB Forex System. Now every week has become profitable for me and their customer support is just outstanding.
    Moty Dror - Israel
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  • Pradeep used to give me trading calls using his ACB system, I made some nice profit using his signals. Now he taught me ACB system and I am trading it myself. Thank You.
    Shoaib Malik - India
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  • I like their automatic trade management strategy using trade assistant EA, now I can rivet on my regular job without monitoring trades manually.
    Jason - United States
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  • Great ACB system with Great customer service unequaled. I think I have come to my last stop searching for what works. Cheers!
    Obajinmi - Nigeria
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  • Very accurate system which works if you follow it. 100% recommended.
    BHASKARAN DEVADAS - United Kingdom
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  • I highly recommend it.
    Kesaobaka Isaac - Botswana
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  • Good system with excellent tutorial on Skype.Very happy.
    Charles Kane - United States
  • ACB Forex Trading System is consist of Two Indicators and a Trade Management EA

    ACB Breakout Arrows Indicator

    ACB Breakout Arrows

    The ACB Breakout Arrows indicator provides a crucial entry signal in the market by detecting a special breakout pattern. The indicator constantly scans the chart for a settling momentum in one direction and provide the accurate entry signal right before the major move. Get streaks of winning trades using the entry signal provided by this indicator.

    No Repaint!

    Stop loss and Take Profit levels are provided by the indicator.

    Suitable for Day Traders, Swing Traders, and Scalpers.

    Optimized algorithm to increase the accuracy of signals.

    Pre-calculated risk-reward on each trade.

    Lot size suggestion using pre-defined risk % on each trade.

    Special level to facilitate the Breakeven move or scalping target(Quick Profit Line).

    ACB Trade Filter Indicator


    The ACB Trade Filter indicator provides a solution for filtering out the low probability trading setups in a trading strategy. The indicator uses a sophisticated filtration algorithm based on the market sentiment and trend.

    • Only Long Trades if Histogram is green and Trend is bullish.
    • Only Short Trades if Histogram is red and Trend is bearish.
    • Avoid trading if the Histogram is gray or Trend is sideways.

    Works great with our indicator - ACB Breakout Arrows

    Filter out low probability signals from any indicator.

    Avoid over-trading and minimize the losses.

    Trade in the direction of market sentiment and trend.

    Avoid the choppiness in the market.

    ACB Trade Assistant EA

    You don't need to manually place a Stop Loss and Take Profit, EA will place the SL and TP according to your preference and strategy. The Trade Assistant EA will make the whole trading easier. It can also lock a trade in breakeven to reduce the risk.


    No Monthly Subscription

    There is no monthly subscription. You'll get a license to use this system for unlimited no. of accounts but limited to 5 PC or VPS.

    Lifetime Free Updates

    Every time we roll out a new update, you are entitled to receive it for free. Upgrade to a new version with one click.

    Premium Tech. Support

    Need a help? We are ready to serve you 24/7. Feel free to Contact Us using a method you prefer.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. ACB Forex Trading System have monthly subscription fees?

    A. No, There are no monthly fees. You’ll get a license to use this system for unlimited no. of accounts but limited to 5 PC or VPS.

    Q. What currency pairs are best?

    A. ACB Forex Trading System works with all major currency pairs. Furthermore, a specific currency pairs list is available here.

    Q. What Time Frames are Best?

    A. We recommend trading in H1, H4 with an optional choice of M30.

    Q. How accurate is the ACB Forex Trading System?

    A. We measure the system accuracy using the “First Profit Target” as a reference point. Backtest and forward test both analysis show that using the recommended settings, there are 65%-85% chances to achieve the First Target after a signal arrives. But we don’t simply close the trade at first target…..

    Q. Do you trade every Arrow on chart?

    A. NO, ACB arrow is an indication of a breakout scenario. We trade only selected Arrows where the trading conditions and rules associated with ACB trading strategy perfectly match together.

    Q. Is ACB Trade Assistant EA included with my purchase?

    A. Yes of course, ACB Trade Assistant EA is included with your purchase.

    Q. How many trades will I get in a week?

    A. If you choose to trade the recommended currency pairs, on at least 3-time frame, you will get about 10-15 signals per week, depending on how active the market is. If you put it on more currency pairs and time frames, you will, of course, get more signals.

    Q. How do I get the Trading alerts?

    A. ACB Forex Trading System can deliver the alerts via Display/Sound, Email and Push alerts(Phone).

    Q. How much fund do I need to get started?

    A. We strongly suggest that you start with demo trade and increase your confidence before risking real money in the market. Once you’re ready to trade live funds, you can open a Forex account and get started with as little as US $250.

    Q. What is the learning curve to start with ACB Forex Trading System?

    A. It’s simple to learn. You can start trading as soon as you read the user guide and other informational material.

    Q. Can I trade ACB Forex Trading System with a full time job?

    A. Yes, We designed the system in such a way that requires little human intervention to successfully trade this system.

    Q. Does the ACB Forex Trading Suite works on all charting software?

    A. Currently, the ACB Forex Trading System only works on Metatrader 4. The MetaTrader 4 trading software is very easy to use, that’s why it is the preferred platform by most of the forex traders. 

    Q . Do I need to keep my computer open or use a VPS?

    A. As long as you keep the computer running and connected to the internet, the ACB Forex Trading System will be able to analyze the market and send you the alerts. However, for an uninterrupted trading experience, we recommend getting a VPS.

    Q. How many computers/ accounts/ VPS can I use the system on?

    A. You can install ACB Forex Trading Suite on unlimited accounts but limited to 5 PC or VPS.

    Q. What is VPS?

    A. A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

    Q. Do you recommend any affordable and reliable VPS provider?