Are You Looking for a Forex Trading System or Strategy that Will Allow you to Make Consistent Profit in Forex Market?

We Present a Forex Trading System Designed for Professional Forex Traders

ACB Forex Trading System


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Introducing: The ACB Forex Trading System

Rock Solid Trading Setup that Hardly Fails

With ACB  Forex Trading System you will only trade confirmed breakout signals with the direction of market trend. Here we don't try to predict a possible breakout, such prediction can often go wrong and may end up on losing trades. ACB setup offers a trading opportunity with greater chance of success.

ACB Custom Indicators will help you to pick out the accurate trading setup using inbuilt strategy rules and market conditions. This trading setup is known as "ACB Setup" and believe me it hardly fails.

Why You Need ACB Forex Trading System 

Proven Trading Strategy

ACB Forex System is based on a specific trading strategy which is proven to provide consistent profit in every market condition.

No Hard Work

Its a mechanical trading system that has been designed especially for stress free and profitable trading experience without any hard work.

No Anxiety

Moreover, it will save you from unnecessary anxiety as well because it does not involve emotions and work solely based on trading rules.

Trade With Minimum Screen Time

Phone Alerts (Push)

Email Alerts

Pop-Up/Display Alerts

Sound Alerts

ACB Forex Trading System comes with Phone (push), Email, Display and Sound Alerts.
It can send signal alerts to your mobile phone using push notification or email (your preference).
There is no need to sit in front of your computer for long hours, Just wait for a signal alert and pull the trigger.

Works in Every Market Condition

ACB Forex System works in every market condition. No matter whether market is trending or moving sideways, It will always provide you good quality signals regardless of market condition.

Predefined Money Management With Each Trade

Any Forex Trading System is incomplete without a proper knowledge of Money Management and Position Sizing.

The ACB Forex System comes with predefined Money Management, i.e. risk/reward is calculated for each trade in advance.

There is a special algorithm added inside the system which calculates the correct position(lot) size for each trade based on Stop Loss and predefined risk percentage( set by user).

ACB System Exclude Dangerous Emotions

Emotions can play a dangerous role in forex trading- excessive lot size or leverage usage, which means greater loss, but as a human we neglect this part and focus only on greater profit.

The inbuilt money management algorithm in ACB System ensures that you only open positions based on your preset risk percentage for each trade

ACB Forex Trading System is consist of a mechanical strategy where the rules and regulations are set and you just need to start using it to make money.

In trading emotions (fear, greed, sad, happy) can play a significant role and usually due to these factors traders have to suffer losses but by using ACB System, which is based on one of the most famous and trusted breakout pattern (logical & tested) you will be enjoying trading in best way possible with full confidence.

Guaranteed Profit With our System

ACB Forex System is based on some strict trading rules and it works without any guessing or expectations so that there will be no meaningless trades.
With ACB its guaranteed that you will earn maximum profit without any prior experience of forex trading.

Whether you are a novice or experienced trader, You will love ACB Forex Trading System because this is the exact system we are using to make big profits daily in forex market.

What You'll Get Inside ACB Forex Trading System

ACB Breakout Arrows Indicator

ACB Trade Filter Indicator

ACB Trend Detector Indicator

ACB Trade Assistant EA

ACB Forex System Template

ACB System Manual Guide

Lifetime Personal Support(Skype included)

Full Technical Support for System Installation(VPS included)

Direct access to all indicators that are freely available on our website.

You will receive a ZIP archive that contains System installation files, Trading Manual and other informational material along with your personal license.

Testimonials Received From Real Traders Around The World

  • It is very easy to trade using ACB Forex Suite. Now every week has become profitable for me and their customer support is just outstanding.
    Moty Dror - Israel
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Pradeep used to give me trading calls using his ACB system, I made some nice profit using his signals. Now he taught me ACB system and I am trading it myself. Thank You.
    Shoaib Malik - India
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • I like their automatic trade management strategy using trade assistant EA, now I can rivet on my regular job without monitoring trades manually.
    Jason - United States
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Great ACB system with Great customer service unequaled. I think I have come to my last stop searching for what works. Cheers!
    Obajinmi - Nigeria
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Very accurate system which works if you follow it. 100% recommended.
    BHASKARAN DEVADAS - United Kingdom
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • I highly recommend it.
    Kesaobaka Isaac - Botswana
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Good system with excellent tutorial on Skype.Very happy.
    Charles Kane - United States

    What Makes It A Complete Trading System

    ACB Forex Trading Suite is consist of three custom indicators and one expert advisor. Each of the ACB indicator and Trade Assistant EA is designed with clear approach in mind to achieve best results with consistent performance.

    1.ACB Breakout Arrows

    ACB Breakout Arrows



    2.ACB Trend Detector

    ACB Trend Detector



    3.ACB Trade Filter




    ACB Trade Assistant EA

    Now an interesting part, you don't have to look for each indicator and trading condition manually, ACB Trade Assistant EA will do it for you. You just have to trade the ACB signal. The Trade Assistant EA will provide an alert when all conditions with ACB trading rules perfectly match together. No more Guessing and there is no need to keep sitting in front of computer for hours. You can also receive ACB alerts directly on your phone (Android and iOS using push alerts).


    Get Endless Winning Trades With ACB Forex Suite

















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    Time Has Come

    Technology has facilitated us in many ways in different aspects of life and same is the case in forex trading. It’s in the past when traders used to call their forex brokers who already have several clients to know the market conditions and then place a trade accordingly but it takes so much of your precious time and many times a golden opportunity has been missed.

    Now the time has changed, traders want quick and positive results which gave birth to mechanical trading systems. If you are in search of best manual trading system which is upto 90% accurate and undoubtedly make profit for you then you just need ACB Forex Trading Suite that’s 100% mechanical and one of the best forex trading system available in market.


    ACB Forex Trading Suite Can Be Your Saviour

    If you want to trade without any hassle and also don’t have time to learn forex trading in depth then ACB Forex Trading Suite can be your savior. It will bring you more windows of opportunity and there is no need to monitor it 24/7 because it’s totally safe & secure and able to handle the extreme volatility of the forex market using the Trade Assistant EA.


    What Kind Of Trader You Are

    ACB Forex Trading Suite is beneficial for all type of traders because it performs quite well in each and every time frame. Whether you are a Scalper, Day Trader or Swing Trader- ACB Forex System is the perfect solution for you. It is very simple and understandable but still if you need any help we are here to help you 24/7.


    Why Not Fully Automated Trading EA

    Automated Trading EA’s increases the risk factor as you don't know what’s happening out there in the vast forex World and with forex market being fully complex it’s really not easy to match up with the automated forex trading tactics and swift speed because it work automatically without you being involved and can harm you without knowing the fact that it's going towards loss.

    With manual trading you don't have these type of problems because it’s like your professional coach who is there to assist you and guide you about what’s going up/down in the forex market, rules are set according to one of the best breakout strategy in the forex market but the best part is that it does require your involvement to place the trade.


    Huge Profit and Less Stressing


    You don't need to sit in front of a computer for long hours to monitor market movements instead you can just spend little of your precious time to see that everything is working accordingly and leave all other things to ACB Forex Trading Suite.


    Pricing The ACB Forex Trading Suite

    Considering the time and effort that has been invested in creating and designing the ACB Forex Trading Suite, We could easily sell this system for over $2000 as the uniqueness and results of the system worth much more.

    But, We want you to be able to try ACB Forex Suite without taking any weight on your shoulders. We price the system low enough to make sure you don't feel like taking a huge risk.

    We offer you the access to ACB Forex Trading Suite for just a one-time payment of $249 in which you will get a one year license. You can use this system on multiple computers(or VPS) and with multiple trading accounts without any restrictions.

    Time to take Action Now


    No Monthly Subscription

    There are no monthly subscription or contracts. You will get lifetime access to ACB Forex trading suite + All future updates + Premium support.

    Lifetime Free Updates and Support

    As the market is constantly changing, no system or strategy can work efficiently without ongoing optimization and modification.
    You will receive all system upgrades and support free for lifetime.

    Need Help? ACB Team is Ready to Serve you

    Whether you want to ask something or need any other help, we are always available here to serve you 24/7. Feel free to Contact Us using a method you prefer.

    Have Some Questions Running in Your Mind?

    Let's Deal With Them One by One.

    Q. Does the ACB Forex Trading Suite have monthly subscription fees?

    A. No, There are no monthly fees. ACB Forex Trading Suite is available for a one-time payment of $249. There are no subscriptions or payment contracts at all.

    Q. What currency pairs will the ACB Forex Suite work with?

    A. ACB Forex Trading Suite works with all major currency pairs. Furthermore a specific currency pairs list is available inside member area.

    Q. What Time Frames to use with ACB Forex Trading Suite?

    A. We recommend to trade in M30, H1, H4 and Daily time frame with ACB Forex Trading Suite to achieve best results.
    Optional Time Frame : 15 Min

    Q. How accurate is the ACB Forex Trading Suite?

    A. We measure the system accuracy using  the “First Profit Target” as our parameter. Backtest and forward test both analysis proves that there are 80-90% chances to achieve First Target after an ACB signal arrives. But we don’t simply close the trade at first target…..(more information inside member’s area)

    Q. Do you trade every Arrow on chart?

    A. Not at all. ACB arrow is just an indication to a breakout scenario. We trade only selected Arrows where the trading conditions and rules associated with ACB trading strategy perfectly match together.
    (Relax, this task is automatically handle by ACB Trade Assistant EA in background)

    Q. Is ACB Trade Assistant EA included with my purchase?

    A. Yes of course, ACB Trade Assistant EA is included with your purchase.

    Q. How many trades will I get a week?

    A. If you choose to trade the recommended currency pairs, on at least 3 time frames, you will get about 10-15 signals per week, depending on how active the market is. If you put it on more currency pairs and time frames, you will of course get more signals.

    Q. How do I get the Trading alerts?

    A. ACB Forex Trading Suite can deliver alerts via Display/Sound, Email and Push alerts(Phone).

    Q. How much fund do I need to get started?

    A. We strongly suggest that you start with demo trade and increase your confidence before risking real money in the market. Once you’re ready to trade live funds, you can open a Forex account and get started with as little as US $250.

    Q. What is the learning curve to start with ACB Forex Trading Suite?

    A. ACB Forex Trading Suite is very simple to learn. You can start trading as soon as you read the user guide and other informational material inside member’s area.

    Q. Can I trade ACB Forex Trading Suite with a full time job?

    A. Yes, We designed the system in such a way which requires very little human intervention to successfully trade this system. 90% of the task is already handled by the Trade Assistant EA so you just need to open the trade on receiving a trading alert.

    Q. Does the ACB Forex Trading Suite works on all charting software?

    A. Currently, the ACB Forex Trading Suite only works on Metatrader 4. The MetaTrader 4 trading software is very easy to use, that’s why it is the preferred platform of many traders.

    Q . Do I need to keep my computer open or use a VPS?

    A. As long as you keep the computer open and connected to the internet, the ACB Forex Trading Suite will be able to analyze the market and send you the alerts. However for an uninterrupted trading experience we always recommend getting a VPS.

    Q. How many computers/ accounts/ VPS can I use the system on?

    A. You can install ACB Forex Trading Suite on multiple accounts and multiple MetaTrader platforms on the same computer or VPS. There is no need to buy any additional license.

    Q. What is VPS?

    A. A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

    Q. Do you recommend any affordable and reliable VPS provider?

    A. We recommend Interserver. They offer best VPS solution starting from just $6 per month (industry lower rates). Click here to know more.